10 June 2016

Lingering Doubts - Ashgrove Book Club

Loved our visit with the Ashgrove Book Club members! As Lingering Doubts was chosen as their May book members were familiar with the story and engaged in an active discussion, asking many valid questions. Our evening culminated with us all agreeing upon one thing:
the 1947 police investigation that saw accountant, Reg Brown, convicted of murder was built on a  foundation of smoke and mirrors, which was then presented to the jury as 'strong circumstantial evidence'.          
Many thanks for inviting us to share our story and also to Communify Qld.              
Deb and Jan      

4 June 2016

Deb Drummond and Janice Teunis - '2 of us'' Good Weekend Magazine

'2 of us' Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age

Many thanks to talented freelance author and journalist Helen Chryssides for submitting our story to Good Weekend Magazine (SMH & The Age) and to photographer Paul Harris for doing his best with our photo. :) 
Deb and Jan