23 December 2014

Lingering Doubts - Merry Christmas Henry Keogh and Dr Bob Moles!!

Read about Henry Keogh's release on bail
Dr Bob Moles has been a staunch supporter of Henry Keogh, as he is for others who have been jailed as a result of flawed forensic evidence. 
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From the Australian
Robert Moles, legal academic and supporter of Mr Keogh and Bromley, called on the South Australian government to set up a forensic review panel to identify any cases that may need to be reviewed as a result of the Keogh decision.
“The government needs to get on the front foot here and help to identify any defective cases,’’ he said. “If there have been problems, why not set up the review panel which would have the power to refer things back to the courts?”
Dr Moles said a review panel would be an efficient alternative to a royal commission into the state’s forensic pathology service.
To read more about Dr Bob Moles, including his analysis of Lingering Doubts, see the 'reader reviews' page and click on our previous 2014 posts dated: 26 March, 5 April, 9 June, 20 July, 22 & 23 August, 11 September, 7 October.
Imagine, if you will, being jailed for 20 years for a crime you didn't commit?
Deb and Jan

22 December 2014

Lingering Doubts - the first year of publication

A lovely surprise when these certificates arrived today from the State Library of Queensland. Although Lingering Doubts didn't win, to have our grandfather's story recognised and shortlisted was for us the ultimate reward. We wholeheartedly congratulate the People's Choice winner, Kellee Slater (How to do a liver transplant: Stories from my surgical life) and we thank most sincerely all family, friends and supporters who voted for us.
For two previously unknown authors, these SLQ certificates are the finishing touch to what has been an unforgettable year. Many people - from Charleville to Maroochydore and down to Victoria - are now informed about the true facts behind Brisbane's 1947 'Arcade Murder'. We have travelled far and wide speaking and presenting this story and copies of our book are now with the libraries of the Qld. Police Service and Supreme Court. 
Lingering Doubts was launched in March 2014 at the Regatta Hotel (click on the pages above to see more about the launch and the family's connection to this landmark hotel). Our publishers John, Lily and Beth McRobert ensured this was an event we would always remember. Veteran investigative reporter and author, Bob Bottom OAM, travelled from NSW to be our guest speaker, addressing approx. 240 guests. But the real highlight of the evening was the fact that the two surviving children of Reg Brown, Ian (Deb's 86 year old Dad) and Val (Jan's 85 year old Mum) were able to be present. They waited many years for the release of our book and during this time had suffered various health problems. But nothing would keep them from the launch of Lingering Doubts
Just four months later Ian required urgent heart surgery. Tragically during or after this procedure he suffered a major stroke which prevented him returning home and to his fiercely independent way of life. Both Ian and his wife (Deb's Mum) have now reluctantly moved into a care facility. All the readers of Lingering Doubts feel they know Ian and Val personally and many have expressed their sadness at this turn of events. Ian continues to grieve for his home, no doubt just as his father, from behind the bars of a prison cell, grieved for his.
Thank you for your kind thoughts and to all the people who have, in so many ways, supported us and our book Lingering Doubts.
Wishing all a very Merry Christmas and a safe, healthy and happy New Year.

Deb and Jan

11 December 2014

Lingering Doubts - Memories of Police Commissioner Frank Bischof

Every time we present Reg Brown's case to the public, members of the audience approach us with their own stories of Frank Bischof. It seems there was no limit to what this man was capable of -  both in a personal and official capacity. How frightening to think an individual, backed by the might of the law, wielded so much power; not only in Brisbane but across Queensland.
We have often reflected on the words of a former senior police officer: 
 'your grandfather would've been like a lamb to slaughter at the hands of Bischof and Kerr'.
Sincere thanks to the St Lucia and Taringa History Groups for inviting us, including Val, Jan's Mum, to share the story behind Lingering Doubts
Deb and Jan

4 December 2014

Lingering Doubts - Grandfather's Story Returns to his Former Neighbourhood

We consider this coming Saturday to be a very special day - another milestone on this incredible journey - when we present our grandfather's story to members of the St Lucia and Taringa Historical Societies. These suburbs in Brisbane's west were home to Reginald Wingfield Spence Brown and his family. Firstly, Stanley Terrace, Taringa, where Reg and his sisters grew up.
 His second and last address was Ryan's Road, St Lucia, where Reg Brown and wife Eva (Cocks) raised their three children. Reg lived there with his family for 25 years before he was  arrested for murder on 11 January, 1947. On 11 March that same year he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bronia Armstrong was the young woman who died in mysterious circumstances. Bronia had lived with her family on Prospect Terrace, known then as South Toowong.
Not only were the Armstrong and Brown children friends, Bronia was Reg Brown's typist at the BAFS Medical Institute on the upper level floor of the Wallace Bishop Arcade. It really is a terribly sad story.
Valerie (Jan's Mum) will accompany us on Saturday. She now musters all her courage to speak about the devastating event that changed her young life forever, an event she had kept  secret for over 60 years, prior to the publication of Lingering Doubts.
Deb and Jan