27 November 2015

NetK - Criminal Convictions may need Reviewing

The NetK (Miscarriages of Justice) link below will show, what we believe to be, an important article indicating that there are possibly 400 criminal convictions which may need to be reviewed in South Australia because of the defective work of Dr Manock.
It indicates that Maurice Blackburn, Australia's largest class action lawyers are on the job, and maybe have dozens of cases lining up for review.
 (Information provided by Dr Robert N Moles) 

17 November 2015

Lingering Doubts - Angus & Robertson, P.O. Square, Brisbane

Technically Queen Street is the address of the Post Office Square Angus and Robertson, however, this amazingly busy bookshop faces Adelaide Street - which proved to be an ideal location for us to raise the subject of Brisbane's Arcade Murder. The Wallace Bishop Arcade - scene of the 68 year old crime - was just around the corner in Albert Street. In fact a witness to the multitude of screams heard that afternoon in January, 1947 was a tramdriver, stationery for a moment or two, at the traffic lights on the corner of Adelaide and Albert Streets. Important new evidence (see post dated 1/11/2015) has, however, helped explain the very likely source of these screams.
As always our sincere thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen to, or read, the disturbing story of Lingering Doubts - Going inside Brisbane's Arcade Murder. 
Many thanks to Copyright Publishing, Boolarong Press and Lesley from Angus and Robertson for organising our 12 November book signing.
We so appreciate every opportunity granted to us whereby we can present the details of how, in the space of 8 weeks, our grandfather was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his 19 year old typist - primarily due to the investigative evidence of the, now known to be, corrupt and dangerous Detective Frank Bischof.
Deb and Jan

Janice Teunis

Deb Drummond

14 November 2015

Lingering Doubts - QNS Radio Review

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 A review of Lingering Doubts, alongside a review of The Birdwatcher by William McInnes, was recently aired on QNS radio. Cheryl Jorgensen's insightful and comprehensive 2014 review of Lingering Doubts was chosen for the broadcast.
Cheryl Jorgensen 
Our sincere thank you to all concerned..thrilled to be reviewed alongside the talented William McInnes!
Deb and Jan

5 November 2015

Lingering Doubts Review - November 2015

A wonderful review provided by an interstate reader:

Authors Deb Drummond and Janice Teunis are the grand-daughters of Reginald Brown, convicted of the 1947 murder of his typist Bronia Armstrong in an office above a Brisbane CBD arcade.

The aim of their book ‘Lingering Doubts’ is to shed light on the inconsistencies and flaws of the murder investigation and trial, and provide a balanced view on what happened all those years ago. In this, it succeeds admirably.

Meticulously researched over an eight year period, the book is extremely well-written, with a structure and flow which carry the reader forward. It becomes patently clear that a great deal of evidence supporting Reg Brown’s story was overlooked or suppressed, as once police had decided he was their man, they focused their investigation on this and excluded any evidence which didn’t fit their theory. At the trial, witnesses whose testimony would have supported Mr Brown were never called, and there were major inadequacies in the defence’s handling of their client’s case.

The authors also examine the aftermath of Reg’s conviction and death, and the long-term effects on his family, who were left behind to pick up the pieces. It’s worth noting that the victim of this terrible murder, Bronia Armstrong, and her grieving family, are at all times treated with great respect.
I highly recommend ‘Lingering Doubts.’  -    Nicholas Bunning
  Much appreciated thank you Nick,

Deb and Jan

1 November 2015

Important New Evidence in Brisbane's Arcade Murder Case

Re-posted due to the requests of several readers wishing to know more about the new evidence that has come to light since the publication of Lingering Doubts.

A wonderful lady named Doreen approached us last year with the following information:
 As a young woman Doreen was a visitor to the Wallace Bishop Arcade that Friday afternoon 10 Jan 1947. She said she heard, what she described as, a muffled scream. When she asked the Arcade librarian about the noise, Doreen was informed that the screams had been going on all afternoon; the librarian supposed the rehearsals were taking place across the passageway.
The police said the screams came from Bronia Armstrong when our grandfather attacked her in his office. Witnesses told the court they heard between 2 and 100 screams, depending on who was testifying. Our grandfather, Reg Brown, was the only person on record to speak of amateur radio plays and rehearsals .. the police labelled him a liar.

Did the police in 1947 have the power to conceal this vital information, coach witnesses, manipulate evidence? It now seems manifestly apparent, they did...

Deb and Jan