25 September 2016

Brisbane's Arcade Murder - Radio Interviews

Monday 26 Sept. 7.40 am - Deb  speaking with Alan Jones - 2GB and 4BC

Monday 26 Sept. 10.20 am - Jan speaking with Jasmin Midley - ABC Sunshine Coast (90.3)

22 September 2016

Shadow of Doubt - ABC Australian Story

ABC Australian Story 'Shadow of Doubt' 
When we set out to learn more about our grandfather's 1947 murder conviction and the untimely death of 19 year-old Bronia Armstrong, we assumed our findings would remain firmly within the family circle. Initially, our primary goal was to help older family members better understand the workings of the ''ópen and shut'' case that had devastated their young lives. However, very early on we discovered our grandfather, Reg Brown, was not only denied a voice, but was sentenced to life imprisonment with unprecedented speed. Nine days later he too died.
The more we uncovered, the more determined we became to re-present this case to the public. It loomed as an overwhelming task going well beyond our skill set and only became a reality due to the encouragement and support received from veteran investigative journalist/author, Bob Bottom. After reading our material, Bob firmly believed that the telling of this story was not only important for the family but in the public interest.
Never did we imagine our family project would one day appear on Australian Story!
Program to go to air on Monday 26 September.
With sincere thanks to all who have made this possible,
Deb and Jan 

ABC Australian Story Jan and Deb 

Shadow of Doubt Press Release 

16 September 2016

Networked Knowledge - Intriguing case of David Joe Szach

Coming up on Sunday 18 Sept 2016 at 8am with Damien Carrick on ABC Radio National Background Briefing –
the intriguing case of David Joe Szach - another of South Australia's mystery cases:
 Robert N Moles
Networked Knowledge and
Flinders University Miscarriages of Justice Project

8 September 2016

1938 Disappearance of Marjorie Norval

Bob Burton, former prison warder and police officer, has conducted extensive research into the 1938 disappearance of Brisbane resident Marjorie Norval. Miss Norval,  personal assistant to the then Premier's wife, walked into Central Railway Station and was allegedly never seen again.
Several political and legal figures associated with Marjorie's case and also high profile police officers attached to the investigation would also appear in the case of 19 year old Bronia Armstrong, whose body was discovered in 1947 in the Brisbane CBD.

For anyone wishing to learn more about the sad and mysterious disappearance of Marjorie Norval and the police investigation and Coroner's Inquiry that ensued please visit Bob's very informative website. 
 Marjorie Norval Disappearance

4 September 2016

Lingering Doubts - Angus & Robertson, Brookside Shopping Centre

Thank you to Jane, Josh, Natalie and Andrew from Angus and Robertson, Brookside. What a popular bookshop!...and I can see why...your customer service is second to none! And huge thanks to all the interesting folk who stopped to talk about the story behind Lingering Doubts
Furthermore, I felt extremely privileged that so many of you were willing to share your own private stories with me.
Many thanks also to the staff at Boolarong Press.

20 August 2016

Lingering Doubts - The Bookshop at Caloundra

Extremely pleased to advise that copies of Lingering Doubts are now available from The Bookshop at Caloundra, 18 Bulcock Street. A charming store and I (Deb) am delighted our book is now available in my old hometown. I have such fond memories of growing up in Caloundra.
Thank you to owners, Graeme and Chris.
Deb and Jan

22 July 2016

Lingering Doubts - Wynnum/Manly Historical Society

Thank you so much to the lovely people in our audience last night. We were made to feel so welcome and we thank you for your invitation to share our story. The evening was made all the more special as Wynnum was for many years, home to Jan and her family. As doesn't often happen, Auntie Val, Jan's mum, spoke about the devastating effect her father's conviction and death had on her. Val also acknowledged the grief the Armstrong family too had suffered. This amazing lady's courage in speaking about this painful chapter in her life was rewarded with warm applause...and hugs from old friends.
Much appreciation for our gifts and we look forward to reading 'Mangroves to Moorings Revisited by society member Myrtle Beitz.
Please click for Wynnum/Manly Historical Soc. facebook 
 Deb (and Jan)

4 July 2016

Henry Keogh on Sunday Night Program

This is the link to the transcript and promo of the Channel 7 Sunday Night program which is to be broadcast next weekend. Please share it with your contacts and colleagues. This scandal has gone on for far too long without any proper govt response:

Robert N Moles
Networked Knowledge
Web: http://netk.net.au

10 June 2016

Lingering Doubts - Ashgrove Book Club

Loved our visit with the Ashgrove Book Club members! As Lingering Doubts was chosen as their May book members were familiar with the story and engaged in an active discussion, asking many valid questions. Our evening culminated with us all agreeing upon one thing:
the 1947 police investigation that saw accountant, Reg Brown, convicted of murder was built on a  foundation of smoke and mirrors, which was then presented to the jury as 'strong circumstantial evidence'.          
Many thanks for inviting us to share our story and also to Communify Qld.              
Deb and Jan      

4 June 2016

Deb Drummond and Janice Teunis - '2 of us'' Good Weekend Magazine

'2 of us' Sydney Morning Herald/Melbourne Age

Many thanks to talented freelance author and journalist Helen Chryssides for submitting our story to Good Weekend Magazine (SMH & The Age) and to photographer Paul Harris for doing his best with our photo. :) 
Deb and Jan