4 December 2014

Lingering Doubts - Grandfather's Story Returns to his Former Neighbourhood

We consider this coming Saturday to be a very special day - another milestone on this incredible journey - when we present our grandfather's story to members of the St Lucia and Taringa Historical Societies. These suburbs in Brisbane's west were home to Reginald Wingfield Spence Brown and his family. Firstly, Stanley Terrace, Taringa, where Reg and his sisters grew up.
 His second and last address was Ryan's Road, St Lucia, where Reg Brown and wife Eva (Cocks) raised their three children. Reg lived there with his family for 25 years before he was  arrested for murder on 11 January, 1947. On 11 March that same year he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Bronia Armstrong was the young woman who died in mysterious circumstances. Bronia had lived with her family on Prospect Terrace, known then as South Toowong.
Not only were the Armstrong and Brown children friends, Bronia was Reg Brown's typist at the BAFS Medical Institute on the upper level floor of the Wallace Bishop Arcade. It really is a terribly sad story.
Valerie (Jan's Mum) will accompany us on Saturday. She now musters all her courage to speak about the devastating event that changed her young life forever, an event she had kept  secret for over 60 years, prior to the publication of Lingering Doubts.
Deb and Jan

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