11 January 2015

Lingering Doubts - 68 years ago - Part 2

Saturday 11 January, 1947
Sixty-eight years ago Bronia Armstrong's body was discovered at the BAFS Medical Institute, Wallace Bishop Arcade, Albert Street, Brisbane. Queensland detectives swiftly targeted Bronia's boss, Reg Brown, ruthlessly interrogating him, without legal representation, for the entire day - his rights only read that evening, moments before his arrest for willful murder. Despite his protestations of innocence the fifty-year-old accountant and BAFS Secretary was charged and taken to the city watch house. He would never again return to his family, waiting anxiously in their neat St Lucia home.  We now know enough about our grandfather to safely say, despite his dreadful predicament, his thoughts would have been with  his family and in particular with his son Ian, who, not surprisingly, was seriously distressed and in utter turmoil. Bronia Armstrong's younger brother, Albert, was Ian's best mate. Furthermore, Albert and his family resided only a couple of streets away where Ian spent much of his time.
This was the day in 1947 that life took a devastating turn for two ordinary Brisbane families....
Deb and Jan

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