20 March 2015

Lingering Doubts - 68 years ago - Death in Boggo Road Gaol - Part 9

Thursday 20 March, 1947

Early in the morning on this day, our grandfather's body was discovered. He was 9 days into his life sentence. It was alleged he committed suicide by hanging himself with his belt which  apparently he had attached to the bars of the cell window. On a piece of jail issued toilet paper Reg Brown declared his innocence.

Coincidentally, also on this day the Courier-Mail received a letter from an unknown person confessing to Bronia Armstrong's murder. In line with the speed of the investigation and trial, Detective 'Stewie' Kerr instantly disregarded the handwritten confession letter.

Deb and Jan

excerpt from The Courier-Mail - 21 March, 1947


  1. A sad day today.
    His premature departure still felt by all of you, I'm sure.

  2. Thanks Em,
    At least we are now informed regarding the date of our grandfather's death - the cause, well that's another story....
    Deb x


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