3 April 2015

Lingering Doubts - Stafford Probus Club

Yesterday we were warmly welcomed by the intelligent and jovial members of the Stafford Probus Club.  Although, as we have witnessed many times, grimaces were aplenty at the mention of the name Frank Bischof. Many in the audience remembered the Arcade Murder and were curious to hear the story behind those long-ago newspaper headlines. 

One  gentleman suggested the title of our book should in fact be INCANDESCENT DOUBTS. He also said that by writing our book we had performed a service far greater than we realised. He will never know just how much his words meant to us, two granddaughters, who themselves were filled with doubts at the thought of writing this book.

Another lady approached us with our book in hand, saying her book club had chosen Lingering Doubts for their members to read. Small things that mean so much.
A member of the audience, Deb, Doreen, Janice

Beautiful Doreen is the lady that came forward last year with important new evidence:
A young Doreen was a visitor to the Wallace Bishop Arcade and heard a muffled scream that Friday afternoon 10 Jan 1947. When she asked the Arcade librarian about the noise, she was informed that the screams had been going on all afternoon; the librarian supposed the rehearsals were taking place across the passageway.
The police said the screams came from Bronia Armstrong when our grandfather attacked her in his office. Our grandfather was the only person on record to speak of amateur radio plays and rehearsals taking place... the police labelled him a liar.

Deb and Jan

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