12 May 2015

Lingering Doubts - Crown witness found!

Some wonderful news!  
We have finally found Rhonda Tasker, long-ago friend of Bronia Armstrong and Crown Witness at our grandfather’s trial. 

For many years we have searched unsuccessfully for Rhonda, the 17 year old girl who, in 1947, worked on the stocking counter at Finney’s, a department store in Queen Street, Brisbane. 

On the Saturday Bronia’s body was discovered at the Wallace Bishop Arcade, the girls were due to leave for a weekend together at bayside Margate. Much anticipated plans that, sadly, were not to be. 

So how did we finally locate Rhonda? We certainly didn’t do it alone. Unexpected help came from Kelyn, recent reader of Lingering Doubts and daughter of Ken Blanch (see post below). Kelyn kindly blessed us with her incredible genealogy tracing skills! Many thanks to you Kelyn – not only for your generous assistance but for your interest in our grandfather’s story.

Thankfully, 68 years after the death of Bronia Armstrong, and our grandfather’s arrest for her murder, a now elderly Rhonda has indicated her willingness to help us if she is able. We are also indebted to Rhonda’s son for his understanding and assistance. 

A special thank you to a family member from Melbourne who alerted us to Ken Blanch's recent publication - which ultimately led us to Rhonda 

Deb and Jan

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