23 December 2016

Lingering Doubts - Christmas 2016 Update

2016 has been huge!
Early in the year, we had a fortuitous meeting at one of our booksigning events when we were approached by freelance journalist/author Helen Chryssides. In June we featured in Helen's 'The Two of Us' article published in Sydney Morning Herald Good Weekend Magazine. (post 4/6/2016)
 So interested in our story was Helen that she submitted our names to ABC Australian Story.  Consequently Shadow of Doubt went to air in September and since then Bronia Armstrong's death and the conviction of our grandfather for her murder has attracted much interest. (post 22/9/2016)
We will remain forever grateful to the hard-working and thorough Australian Story team and also to supportive program participants Dr Bob Moles, Bibi Sangha, Bob Bottom OAM, Ken Blanch, Wal Bishop and Dr Grant Niemann. 
We must add, however, there is much more to this story than could be shown in a 30 minute time slot. Furthermore new and important information has since been uncovered. Our dream came true! Offers to further investigate and analyse the evidence in this almost 70 year old crime have come from several professionals specialising in the areas of law, justice, forensics and crime scene analysis!
  2016 also saw Matt Condon publish Little Fish are Sweet - a most disturbing book in which Matt grants many courageous folk a long overdue voice. His book also includes - we are proud to say - a chapter titled 'A Matter of Lingering Doubts'.(post 17/11/2016)
Our one sadness is that Deb's father, Ian, passed away in June 2016...we wish he could have witnessed this extraordinary progress in the case.
Thankfully Ian's sister Val, Jan's mother, after a lifetime of guarding the family secret, now openly shares her memories of 1947. Val participates fully in the journey this story continues to take.
 Bronia's parents have long passed and her brothers a few years ago. We will never lose sight of the shocking grief they too suffered in 1947 and well beyond.
Our thanks for your interest in our story and best wishes for happy, safe and peace filled Christmas and New Year.
Deb and Jan

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