11 June 2017

Lingering Doubts - Henry Keogh's Letter

Henry Keogh on Sunday Night April 16, 2017

Henry Keogh Homepage on Dr Robert Moles' Netk website 

Researching and writing our grandfather's story has proven to be an iincredibly life enriching experience, due mainly to the extraordinary people we've met along the way. One of whom is Mr Henry Keogh, wrongfully convicted of the murder of a lady he loved and planned to spend the rest of his life with. Henry's conviction was based on flawed ''expert'' evidence. 
Imagine being wrongfully accused of murdering a loved one and then locked up and separated from your family for almost 20 years?
How someone survives this, we simply cannot imagine... 
 Henry Keogh wrote the insightful words below and we consider his first hand analysis of the justice system so vitally important we asked and were granted permission to publish Henry's letter. We do so with deep respect for Henry and his family. 
Many times we have described our grandfather's 1947 trial as an unfair contest resembling a stage play. How disheartening to think this culture could still exist in 1995.

Hi Deb, thank you for your kind & generous words when the subject is such a painful reminder of your family's own legal travesty. Regardless of the passing years, there seems very little if any progress has been or will be made in the criminal justice arena. And arena is the most fitting word because it's too often just a battle between giant egos & bloated arrogance & rarely even the sham of a search for truth. Having watched the doco on your grandfather, Faye filled me in on the sad & terrible details. And my heart goes out to him & all of you. It's awful & barely forgivable. But if WE are somehow to ever heal we have to find a way to let go of the anger & hate. That, is what I mean by forgiving. Not forgetting or giving the perpetrators a free pass but purposely deciding to no longer give them free rent in our head. Otherwise, our lives are all the poorer for it, we are dragged down to their level & I'm sure our ancestors would wish the better life for us than the one we can burden ourselves with. I wish you peace and rest in your heart. It's time. You deserve it. Bless you. Kind regards Henry

We too wish you peace and rest in your heart Henry,
 Thank you for allowing us to quote you, it is an absolute honour, 
Deb and Jan

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