1 May 2014

Lingering Doubts - Going inside Brisbane's Arcade Murder on Facebook

Our recently activated Facebook account is titled Lingering Doubts - Going inside Brisbane's Arcade Murder. We  ask everyone who believes in truth and justice, to  add a 'like' or 'share' to our Facebook page. This will assist us re-present to the public, not only our grandfather's story, but a disturbing chapter of Brisbane's criminal history.
If only Reg Brown could witness the ever increasing network of people who now support his innocence - 67 years after his murder conviction. For an accountant who tallied long columns of figures in his head, today's technology,  growing this network at such speed, would be simply too much to comprehend.

Many, many thanks to all.
Deb and Jan


  1. Great to see the FB page up & running - I clicked the link and saw how many likes you currently have - 47. What a beautiful sign, in more ways than one! May it successfully reach many thousands more. xx

  2. Thanks Em, and thanks for assisting Jan with the design of our Facebook page. Your assistance with all this social networking, invaluable in helping us circulate our grandfather's story, is as always much appreciated. 47 likes yes another sign! one of many. x


We look forward to your comments and feedback or any information you may wish to share about our grandfather's case.