14 May 2014

Lingering Doubts - Westside News

Thank you to Westside News for the article published in today's edition of the newspaper. The sad and disturbing stories of accountant Reg Brown and his typist, Bronia Armstrong, have, after 67 years, returned to Brisbane's western suburbs where they both once lived. Reg, our grandfather, was from Ryan's Road, St Lucia and 19 year-old Bronia Armstrong was from, what was then called, South Toowong.

On Friday May 16 we will happily discuss our findings and our incredible journey of discovery with visitors to The Book Bank, Top Floor, Toowong Village. We will be available to sign copies of Lingering Doubts between 11 am and 2 pm. Many thanks to Julie and The Book Bank.

To read the article in Westside News please click here

Deb and Jan


  1. Our first book signing at a store. We can't wait to do this again! Janice

  2. I agree! A huge thank you to Julie and Elizabeth and all the interesting folk we met at The Book Bank.


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