30 August 2014

Researching and Writing True Crime - Sandcliffe Writers Festival

Many thanks to the staff at the Bracken Ridge Library for hosting our shared presentation today. Steve Bishop's informative albeit disturbing introduction, describing the police culture that once prevailed in Brisbane and in Queensland, led the way for us to tell our grandfather's story. Today we were reminded once again that the pain and suffering caused by past injustices continues to take its toll on families.  A member of the audience approached us with tears in his eyes as he spoke of the abuse and unfair treatment he received at the hands of the justice and penal system 50 years ago.  The trouble is the perpetrators - like Frank Bischof - got away with it.

Thank you also to Cheryl Jorgensen and Adele Moy for their dedication and hard work in organising this year's spectacular Sandcliffe Writers Festival.
From left - Cheryl, Deb, Steve, Janice and Adele


  1. Great to have Steve Bishop introduce your talk! Wish I had of been able to attend… too many States between Sandcliffe & Melbourne.

    1. Consider a move to sunny Queensland Em?


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