6 September 2014

Bob Bottom speaks out - Des Houghton C-M 6.9.2014

When we discussed our book last Saturday at the Sandcliffe Writers Festival, as we usually do we told the audience about a man who has played a significant role in the publication of Lingering Doubts. We said he had always encouraged us to write our grandfather's story and quoted his exact words 'not just for the sake of your family but in the public interest'. We said how grateful we were to Bob for writing our Foreword and travelling from interstate  to launch our book. We mentioned that Bob had introduced us to our publisher, John McRobert. We also conveyed to the audience that Bob Bottom is an exceptionally brave man explaining how he has put his life on the line to expose criminal activity in our country. Bob, who is more informed than most, has written extensively on organised crime and has initiated some 18 Royal Commission and other inquiries.
 Today in The Courier-Mail Des Houghton describes Bob Bottom as 'Australia's most successful crime buster..' Bob has felt the need to come forward with some strong views.

Read Bob Bottom's opinion by Des Houghton

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