1 November 2015

Important New Evidence in Brisbane's Arcade Murder Case

Re-posted due to the requests of several readers wishing to know more about the new evidence that has come to light since the publication of Lingering Doubts.

A wonderful lady named Doreen approached us last year with the following information:
 As a young woman Doreen was a visitor to the Wallace Bishop Arcade that Friday afternoon 10 Jan 1947. She said she heard, what she described as, a muffled scream. When she asked the Arcade librarian about the noise, Doreen was informed that the screams had been going on all afternoon; the librarian supposed the rehearsals were taking place across the passageway.
The police said the screams came from Bronia Armstrong when our grandfather attacked her in his office. Witnesses told the court they heard between 2 and 100 screams, depending on who was testifying. Our grandfather, Reg Brown, was the only person on record to speak of amateur radio plays and rehearsals .. the police labelled him a liar.

Did the police in 1947 have the power to conceal this vital information, coach witnesses, manipulate evidence? It now seems manifestly apparent, they did...

Deb and Jan

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