17 November 2015

Lingering Doubts - Angus & Robertson, P.O. Square, Brisbane

Technically Queen Street is the address of the Post Office Square Angus and Robertson, however, this amazingly busy bookshop faces Adelaide Street - which proved to be an ideal location for us to raise the subject of Brisbane's Arcade Murder. The Wallace Bishop Arcade - scene of the 68 year old crime - was just around the corner in Albert Street. In fact a witness to the multitude of screams heard that afternoon in January, 1947 was a tramdriver, stationery for a moment or two, at the traffic lights on the corner of Adelaide and Albert Streets. Important new evidence (see post dated 1/11/2015) has, however, helped explain the very likely source of these screams.
As always our sincere thank you to everyone who takes the time to listen to, or read, the disturbing story of Lingering Doubts - Going inside Brisbane's Arcade Murder. 
Many thanks to Copyright Publishing, Boolarong Press and Lesley from Angus and Robertson for organising our 12 November book signing.
We so appreciate every opportunity granted to us whereby we can present the details of how, in the space of 8 weeks, our grandfather was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of his 19 year old typist - primarily due to the investigative evidence of the, now known to be, corrupt and dangerous Detective Frank Bischof.
Deb and Jan

Janice Teunis

Deb Drummond

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