23 February 2016

Lingering Doubts - 69 years ago - 23 February, 1947

 23 February, 1947
While our grandfather, Reg Brown, was on remand in Boggo Road Gaol, the Truth newspaper published an article titled Inside Light on Boggo-Road Conditions. A 'hush hush' departmental inquiry was apparently underway following the escape of three prisoners including Arthur 'Slim' Halliday. But another man, after a stay in Boggo Road Gaol, went public describing 'appalling filth' and hygiene; he told of a privileged prisoner who slept regularly in the hospital, 'his favourite resort'; fruit and vegetables were unheard of; stealing of prison rations; and smuggling of goods in and out of the prison.
This disturbing article hit the news stands on the day Ian (Deb's father) should have been celebrating his 20th birthday. There were no celebrations for the Brown family. 

Today Ian Brown turns eighty-nine
Deb and Jan

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