6 March 2016

Launch of Lingering Doubts - 2nd Anniversary

Two years today since Lingering Doubts - Going inside Brisbane's Arcade Murder was launched at Brisbane's Regatta Hotel! Never could we have imagined that public interest in this old crime would be so great or that new and important evidence would be forthcoming (see post dated 1/11/2015).
In fact interest in 19 year old Bronia Armstrong's mysterious death and our grandfather's unlikely and speedy arrest for her murder, at the hands of infamous detective, Frank Bischof, continues to grow.
It certainly helps that Matthew Condon (Three Crooked Kings, Jacks & Jokers and All Fall Down) recommends Lingering Doubts when he presents his exhaustively researched topic of police corruption. 
So we celebrate this day with heart-felt and sincere gratitude to all our readers and supporters and to those interested in a fair and just society.
Deb and Jan

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