11 March 2016

Lingering Doubts - 69 years ago - 11 March, 1947

Tuesday 11 March, 1947
 On this day in early Autumn our grandfather's (and his family's) worst nightmare came true when the jury returned a guilty verdict. Reg Brown was given a life sentence to be served in Boggo Road Gaol. Minutes earlier from the holding cell below the Supreme Court it was reported he had said:
Well, the verdict could not be guilty. You see, I am not guilty. I didn't kill that girl. 
Our grandfather, whose physical appearance had deteriorated dramatically since his arrest  8 weeks earlier, apparently struggled to his feet and stumbled from the dock. Reg Brown, St. Lucia family man and accountant, was returned to Boggo Road Gaol but this time to the 'lifers'  block.
One year ago on this very day, we were presented with new and important evidence. This evidence supports our grandfather's claims of innocence, and demonstrates just how corrupt the all-powerful investigating police were in their pursuit of a conviction.

New evidence: a visitor to the Wallace Bishop Arcade heard a muffled scream that Friday afternoon 10 Jan 1947.  When she queried the scream, she was told by the Arcade librarian that the screams had been going on all afternoon; the librarian assumed the drama rehearsals were taking place.

There was never a mention of these rehearsals at the trial, instead police said the screams had come from Bronia Armstrong when she was attacked by our grandfather in his office during business hours.
At the trial, Crown witnesses reported hearing screams,  anywhere from 2 to 100! The only person to speak of rehearsals was Reg Brown when he was responding to police questioning. He was called a liar.
Deb and Jan

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