8 September 2016

1938 Disappearance of Marjorie Norval

Bob Burton, former prison warder and police officer, has conducted extensive research into the 1938 disappearance of Brisbane resident Marjorie Norval. Miss Norval,  personal assistant to the then Premier's wife, walked into Central Railway Station and was allegedly never seen again.
Several political and legal figures associated with Marjorie's case and also high profile police officers attached to the investigation would also appear in the case of 19 year old Bronia Armstrong, whose body was discovered in 1947 in the Brisbane CBD.

For anyone wishing to learn more about the sad and mysterious disappearance of Marjorie Norval and the police investigation and Coroner's Inquiry that ensued please visit Bob's very informative website. 
 Marjorie Norval Disappearance

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  1. I can't seem to access Bob's website? It says the link is incorrect?


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