22 September 2016

Shadow of Doubt - ABC Australian Story

ABC Australian Story 'Shadow of Doubt' 
When we set out to learn more about our grandfather's 1947 murder conviction and the untimely death of 19 year-old Bronia Armstrong, we assumed our findings would remain firmly within the family circle. Initially, our primary goal was to help older family members better understand the workings of the ''ópen and shut'' case that had devastated their young lives. However, very early on we discovered our grandfather, Reg Brown, was not only denied a voice, but was sentenced to life imprisonment with unprecedented speed. Nine days later he too died.
The more we uncovered, the more determined we became to re-present this case to the public. It loomed as an overwhelming task going well beyond our skill set and only became a reality due to the encouragement and support received from veteran investigative journalist/author, Bob Bottom. After reading our material, Bob firmly believed that the telling of this story was not only important for the family but in the public interest.
Never did we imagine our family project would one day appear on Australian Story!
Program to go to air on Monday 26 September.
With sincere thanks to all who have made this possible,
Deb and Jan 

ABC Australian Story Jan and Deb 

Shadow of Doubt Press Release 

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