9 February 2014

Reader Review - Joe Donovan

To find out at mature age that your grandad was a convicted murderer would be a shock; then to realise that the shame and disappointment involved, impeded an accurate family understanding of the events comprising the story would prove very frustrating.
Deb and Jan have addressed these issues with zeal. Official documents, media reports and interviews with connected persons have been used to piece together a comprehensive account of the saga. They use a time line of events interspersed with mini 'bios/vignettes' to tell the story in a way that makes it easy to digest their findings. Their research reveals a number of aspects to the case that are indeed cause to have 'lingering doubts'.
We now know from Fitzgerald that Frank Bischof was not an exemplary cop and that police procedures and forensic methods have seen vast improvement over the intervening 67 years. We also know that some cold cases have been re-opened to indict and to exonerate other Queenslanders.
It is understandable but disappointing that the Armstrongs chose not to participate. A frank family account of Bronia's hopes and aspirations along with her relationships particularly those outside the work environment is an obvious omission to a comprehensive understanding. It would be 'balanced' to know what they could have contributed.
I found the type a tad small and would have appreciated a locality map to help with the mental geography. Congratulations Deb and Jan. Stacks of worthwhile effort! You have done yourselves and your family proud. All the best always.
 Many thanks, Joe, for your insightful and constructive comments and observations.

Deb and Jan

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