15 February 2014

Reader Review - Noela Whitton

I would like you and Jan to know how moved I was to read your story. The most revealing evidence came in the early chapters, especially from Kerr but the awful tragedy (for the family) was contained in the words from Ian Brown.
He "knew" his father could not possibly have done this terrible deed, he'd only recently begun to have strong feelings for Bronia, he was totally confused because of the inept handling of the case, and he was a victim, as we all were at the time, of the almost universal belief that the police always behaved honourably.
My heart broke, when I read that even friends began to slip away. Was it really necessary to remove two fingernails, I wonder? And that little trio seemed to vanish in the shadows of Turbot Street.
Lingering Doubts is a work of considerable scholarship and you, and your publisher, must be proud to finally hold it in your hands.
Congratulations from Noela Whitton

Much appreciated, sincere thanks Noela, we will pass your thoughts onto Ian.

Deb and Jan

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