3 February 2014

Reader Review - Kate Chapple

Your email prompted me to 'pen' the note I'd been planning to send ever since I finished Lingering Doubts, which, by the way, I read within a day of its delivery. What a story, what a read. There's a lot to say about the extraordinary thing you two have done, and nothing I can offer will come close to fully articulating that. Passion, stamina and dogged determination to topple injustice is one mighty effort in itself. However, years of research, piecing together bizarre and disparate chunks of people's days and lives and motivations, seriously impressive forensic analysis, objectivity, fair and balanced assessment, restraint from colour and sensation escalate your effort to beyond monumental. And before, after and through all of that, it was about your very own grandfather, your family, then and now and hereafter. 
I admire you both enormously; society needs more of you. And, I have to say that I found the manner in which the Defence was conducted, at best, casual. Far too often however their omissions and oversights smacked of professional negligence, or even worse, complicity with the Crown. I just shook my head in disbelief, as you two no doubt have over and again for nearly a decade.
I hope this terrible tale travels far and wide, and disquiets many.

Your words mean more than you know, many thanks Kate,

Deb and Jan

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