5 April 2014

Lingering Doubts - Response to Dr Bob Moles from Bob Bottom OAM

Bob [Moles]
May I congratulate you on your review of the book, Lingering DOUBTS, by Deb Drummond and Jan Teunis.
And thus I very much support your very professional assessment making it worthy of listing as a case for review by the proposed Australian Criminal Cases Review Commission.
May I draw your attention to something I drew attention to after a late reread of the book. It is a quote from Reg Brown from his only media statement, published on page 190 of the book, and which occurred just before the court announcement of his conviction, in an interview he gave just before he returned from the cells to the courtroom to hear the verdict:

“Well, the verdict could not be guilty. I am not guilty. I didn’t kill that girl. There can only be one verdict. I will be free in a few minutes.”
Which may I say fits in with your assessment of the belief of Brown at the time.
Something else I found extraordinary, in retrospect, in view of your assessment of the pace of the police action against Brown was that it was all over in just two months – his charging, committal for trial and the trial itself. Nowadays, most cases involve a lead up of a year or more before such a trial.
Bob [Bottom] 

Bob Bottom OAM is a long time supporter of Lingering Doubts. This incredibly courageous investigative reporter has written extensively on organised crime and initiated some 18 Royal commission and other inquiries. 
Deb and Jan

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