26 March 2014

Miscarriages of Justice - Dr Bob Moles

Dr Bob Moles has advised that tonight on A Current Affair, Channel 9 will run a program on Gordon Wood, acquitted of the murder of his girl friend. He is highlighting the case of Henry Keogh in South Australia who has been jailed for 19 years for drowning his fiancee in the bath at their home.

Recent media reports on the Keogh case can be found here:

Dr Moles said he will be putting a link to the program and the transcript on his website as soon as it is aired.

Lingering Doubts
is listed on Dr Bob Moles' website titled Networked Knowledge (go to What's New or Miscarriages of Justice - Queensland). Our book will form part of a campaign seeking establishment of a National Criminal Cases Review Commission
Respected investigative reporter Bob Bottom broke this exciting news at our book launch.
Click here to read Bob Bottom's speech

We have discovered there are a group of dedicated people in Australia working behind the scenes to right many wrongs.

Deb and Jan

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