19 April 2014

Reg Brown's daughter speaks to Kenmore & District Historical Society

What a special evening we had with members and guests of the Kenmore and District Historical Society at the Kenmore Library on 17 April. Following our presentation of Lingering Doubts, (Jan's Mum), Val, courageously shared her reminiscences and the shock and heartbreak she experienced as an 18 year-old, when within the space of just over 2 months, her much loved father was arrested for murder, convicted and found dead in a Boggo Road Gaol cell. Val took her listeners back to 1947, to post-war Brisbane, and her carefree days growing up and living in leafy St Lucia. That was until one Saturday afternoon when three  detectives entered the family home. Val explained that although her Dad attempted to reassure his family, saying he'd be home soon, 'it's all a mistake', her father never returned.
We sincerely thank Pat Dryden, Sue Deal and other Society members for inviting us to share our grandfather's story; and for providing Val with the opportunity to tell her story publicly, for the very first time. The warm applause and beautiful words Val received confirmed for us that writing Lingering Doubts was absolutely the right thing to do.
Deb and Jan

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