2 April 2014

Lingering Doubts review/analysis - Dr Bob Moles

A review of Lingering Doubts and an analysis of our grandfather's 1947 arrest and conviction  has been written and published by well-known and tireless campaigner for justice

Dr Robert N Moles.

Click here to read Dr Bob Moles' review of Lingering Doubts

Dr Bob Moles also writes:
Thanks very much for sending the copy of the book. It was a really interesting read, and if a few names and dates were changed it would fit the format of many of the miscarriages of justice which we are working on today. I feel desperately sad for Reg - I feel sufficiently convinced that he was not a sexual predator and you provided sufficient background information to make me feel confident that he was just the convenient scapegoat. What a tragedy for his family over and above the tragedy of this young girl's death.  
When I think of Reg as a quiet and earnest fellow just getting on with his job and trying to be nice to people - and how trusting he was to the police and everyone.  
The poor woman in Tasmania - Sue Neill-Fraser is just the same - she gave statements to the police and at the end of the day, the prosecutor just said liar, liar, liar, and in the total absence of evidence she got convicted. If she'd just kept her mouth shut, they wouldn't even have had that. Experienced criminals know that - murderers know that - but innocently accused don't know that.  
There are many accomplished lawyers and law students who would not have done as good a job on this case as you have done. I understand the difficulties in organising all of that information and then trying to tell it in a way that people can understand, Its not easy, and you have both done an excellent job of it. 
Do safeguard your files and docs. They might well come in useful one day. If we were to get a Criminal Cases Review Commission established, I'd like to see Reg's case first in there.  
All best wishes and a real privilege to know you both. You are a real credit to your family and to our community more broadly speaking.
Congratulations on a job well done,
Dr Bob Moles
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Needless to say we feel extremely humbled and honoured. Our ultimate goal was always to have our grandfather's case reviewed, not really ever thinking it was possible, but who knows perhaps one day...
Deb and Jan

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