4 April 2014

Reader review - Susan Deal

What a wonderful acknowledgement of your hard work posted on your website by Dr Moles.

Your father and his sister and extended family must be so proud of both you and Jan. It is a credit to you both that within just over a month your work has been recognised as a very meticulous presentation of facts revealed in your book and bound with love and pride. All those days and nights spent researching and then writing have brought you rewards you could never have dreamed possible when you set out on this journey.

I am thrilled that your book is opening the doors of justice and revealing the shoddy and dishonest men / women who were involved in Reg's trial and conviction. His defence team let him down without doubt but a more sinister shadow still lies over this case.

I hope that Matt Condon and others also researching this period in time stumble on a lead that will help solve the mystery of who did murder Bronia. Maybe you will - someone knows what did happen.

My very best wishes to you both in your search for the truth.

Thank you so much Sue we forwarded your words to both Ian and Val. Yes let's hope one day the truth comes out.
Deb and Jan

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