21 June 2014

Jacks and Jokers and Lingering Doubts

 Matt Condon has probably become more informed than most about Brisbane's  history of  corruption. As always corruption boosts the egos, careers and bank balances of some while others must be destroyed or obliterated.  Lingering Doubts is about giving our grandfather a voice, and naturally, we are thrilled to have Matt's support. After almost eight years of research and writing (including at least 5000 tweaks and edits and the invaluable assistance of Copyright Publishing) our book made it over the finishing line uniquely positioned between Matt's  Three Crooked Kings and  sequel, Jacks and Jokers.  Our grandfather's disturbing story was instantly believable.
 Photo taken last Thursday by Alison Quigley (Sunshine Coast Literary Assoc. Inc) when Deb and sister, Faye, spent time with Matt, Annie and Rachel at Annie's Books on Peregian, where we are pleased to say, copies of Lingering Doubts can now be purchased.
Deb and Jan

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