18 June 2014

Lingering Doubts - Meet us at Mary Ryan's

If you would like to meet us and hear the Lingering Doubts story we invite you to come along to Mary Ryan's Books, Music & Coffee, Park Road, Milton at 6.15 pm on Thursday 26 June. Sparkling and refreshments will be provided as we  touch on  our pioneering ancestors and discuss the research and writing journey that culminated in Lingering Doubts. We'll also take guests back to a dark time in Brisbane when a man could be arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment within the space of eight weeks. Although we welcome every opportunity to re-present our grandfather's case to the public, speaking about him at Mary Ryan's in Milton has particular significance. Coronation Drive is in close proximity and it was along this road our grandfather travelled to and from work. He commuted for the last time on the morning of 11 January 1947 and never again returned home to St Lucia as he was arrested for murder. Coronation Drive is also the address of the historic Regatta Hotel. built by our great-great grandfather, William Winterford. Hope to see you at Mary Ryan's.
Deb and Jan

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