12 June 2014

Lingering Doubts - Annie's Books on Peregian

We're pleased to advise that copies of Lingering Doubts are now available from the very popular  Annie's Books on Peregian....and also, from personal experience,  a fabulous place for a picnic. Matt Condon will be visiting Annie's on 19 June to speak about, and sign copies of, his recently released Jacks and Jokers. We will always remain amazed at the timing of Matt's explosive books about police corruption.  Three Crooked Kings paved the way for Reg Brown's  case to be re-presented to the public and Jacks and Jokers leaves no doubt about the true depth of corruption that was once prevalent in Brisbane. We not only throw significant doubt on our grandfather's guilt but also on the guilt of others who found themselves defenceless against police generated evidence. We now wonder at the number of families who may have suffered, as our family did, under the judicial system of the day?

 A digital copy of the article Matthew Condon wrote about Lingering Doubts in Qweekend (12-13 April)  can be seen on Dr Bob Moles' NetK website
courtesy of our long time supporter Mr Bob Bottom (OAM).
Deb and Jan

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