25 June 2014

Lingering Doubts - 'Brisbane's Modern Past'

On Saturday 28 June at 10.30 am, we will be discussing Reginald Wingfield Spence Brown's  case with patrons of the Brisbane Square Library.  The Local History Gallery of the Library runs a program of talks on various aspects of Brisbane/Queensland history under the banner "Brisbane's Modern Past". How honoured we feel to be included amongst the following, who have previously given lectures for the Local History Gallery.
Matthew Condon's "Brisbane" (Matthew Condon) 
Dressing Colonial Brisbane Women (Dr Michael Marendy) 
Brisbane Modern: mid 20th century design (Chris Osborne) 
Notorious Australian Women (Prof. Kay Saunders) 
Retro-fitting your home (Robert Riddel, architect) 
Off to Bundy on the Beemer (Roly Sussex) 
Between Two Coasts (Peter Spearritt) 
Building Brisbane's History (Helen Gregory)
Once again we very much appreciate the opportunity to share our grandfather's story and this disturbing chapter of Brisbane's criminal history. 
Deb and Jan

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