31 March 2014

Response from Reg Brown's son

After having watched you, Deb and Jan, for the last eight years sifting through and researching every written and spoken word of this case I must admit I never expected to see the end result, Lingering Doubts, so thoroughly and professionally written. You have excelled and congratulations are not only due for a job well done, but also for a very successful book launch at the Regatta Hotel - where the number of people present alone, speaks for the success of your story.
You have shown that in 1947 a criminal trial, with a jury, was a prosecutor's playpen, especially with the advantage of a weak defence. The reality was they could convict almost anyone. Prosecutors, police, forensic scientists, were all players on the same team, and they all liked to win. The hallowed principle of 'presumed innocent' was a joke.
A very big thank you to Bob Bottom for travelling interstate to do the honours at the launch and also John McRobert and team, for taking the punt and publishing the 'true' story.
On behalf of my sister, Val and myself, I want to thank you Deb and Jan for opening up the window that we have had locked up tight for the last 66 years. We had never spoken a word to anyone about the shameful horror that happened so long ago to two families - the Browns and the Armstrongs. You have also opened a window of opportunity to enable us to at last come to terms with the fact there definitely would appear to be 'lingering doubts' about our Dad's guilt. I am very proud to be your Dad, Deb, and your Uncle Ian, Jan.
Can't wait for the next book!
Ian Brown

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  1. I hope the love and empathy, so evident at the book launch and also expressed in the large number of reader reviews and opinions, generously given to both our publisher and ourselves, helps ease the pain for you and Val. The 'true' story had to be told and we couldn't have done it without the loving support of you two very courageous people.. xx


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