16 March 2014

67th anniversary of life sentence draws new evidence in Arcade Murder

It is eerily poignant that this week, 67 years ago, as our grandfather experienced the horrors of the first days of his life sentence in Boggo Road Gaol, we commenced our campaign to inform the public of the injustices and official malpractice prevalent throughout the 1947 police investigation, prison system and Supreme Court trial. It took 2 months to the day to arrest Reg Brown for wilful murder and sentence him to life. Someone, somewhere was in a big hurry to get Reg Brown out of the way. This week has brought with it a myriad of emotions. Apart from the obvious feelings of despair and sorrow for our grandfather, we are  extremely grateful to our audiences and supporters for their interest in  this historic case. Book sales have been good and we have received book reviews we could only dream about. Another high note was our interview with Matt Condon author of Three Crooked Kings and soon to be released Jacks and Jokers,  for a QWeekend article - late March/early April.  But above all, our hope that Lingering Doubts might draw new evidence from the public has already been fulfilled. A lady has signed a statement to say she was in the Wallace Bishop Arcade on 10 January, 1947 and personally heard a 'muffled scream' at approx. 4.25 pm. She was returning a book at a small upstairs library and asked the librarian, 'What was that?'  The librarian replied,
 'I think there's an acting class across the hall and they're practising screaming.' 
 This is HUGE. We are now desperately seeking further information about this acting class and also about an upstairs library. Morgan's library connected to Hollywood Studios was said to be located on the ground floor. The existance of an acting class would clearly explain the extreme variance in the number of screams witnesses said they heard. But it also supports our grandfather's claim that a female had called into the BAFS reception area to collect Bronia that Friday afternoon. He overheard a conversation, something about coordinating the squeals with the pistol shot. All lies, according to the police. No mention ever of an acting class being conducted in the Wallace Bishop Arcade. Who could orchestrate the concealment of such vital and obvious information? Is it possible the legal system was this corrupt?? It truly beggars belief.
Deb and Jan

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