10 March 2014

Response from Reg Brown's daughter

 Congratulations Deb and Jan and thank you for the years of research that you have done to have Lingering Doubts written and published.
As you know the events in this book took place in 1947 when I was 18 years old. At the time I knew very little of the police case and the trial. I only knew what I read in the papers, but I knew that I loved my father and he was nothing like the monster the press made him out to be.After the trial and my father's death I buried this nightmare deep in my consciousness and I never spoke of it again - not to my mother, or my husband after my marriage and certainly not to my children. So this is the way I lived for nearly 60 years. After the "cousins' meeting" my girls confronted me with the knowledge they had and I was forced to bring the memories of that time into the open. But this time it was a relief to be able to discuss it with them at last. It has been an emotional ride for all of us but it has also been a healing time for me and also my brother Ian.  To read the book and discover more of the truth has contributed to our better understanding of the whole sad affair. So once again thank you girls for 'Lingering Doubts' - I am very proud of you and thankful for what you have accomplished.
Valerie Herbertson (nee Brown) - Janice's mother


  1. It was such a wonderful privilege to be able to do this for you.

    Love Janice

  2. My sentiments exactly.

    Love Deb


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