13 March 2014

Our travels bring new evidence

We've had an exciting week as we've travelled to libraries within the Moreton Shire to present our book, and our literary journey,  before discerning audiences. There is always the hope that we might discover someone who remembers something or someone linked to the events of 1947.  We have.  A lovely lady gave us some very interesting insights about the day Bronia Armstrong was murdered as she happened to be in the Wallace Bishop Arcade on that very afternoon - January 10, 1947.  This person, who was 17 years old at the time, thought what she had to share was insignificant .  But we can see it just might be a tiny link that supports our claim to our grandfather's innocence. If anyone else has anything to share pertinent to the time or the crime, we are eager to talk with you.  This journey isn't over yet. 

Deb and Jan

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