11 March 2014

sixty-seven years ago - part 8 - guilty!

Tuesday 11 March, 1947

Today our grandfather's (and the family's) worst nightmare came true when the jury returned a guilty verdict. Reg Brown was given a life sentence to be served in Boggo Road Gaol. Minutes earlier from the holding cell below the Supreme Court he had told a reporter:
Well, the verdict could not be guilty. You see, I am not guilty. I didn't kill that girl. There can only be one verdict. I will be free in a few minutes.
The jury's decision resulted from the evidence presented by the Crown. It was impossible for them to counterbalance this body of information with defence evidence, as there was none.
It was reported our grandfather, whose physical appearance had  deteriorated dramatically , struggled to his feet and stumbled from the dock.  Reg was returned to Boggo Road Gaol, this time to the 'lifers' cell block.
Deb and Jan

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