8 March 2014

Lingering Doubts - Official Book Launch

We will never forget 6 March, 2014!! A dream come true. We will remain eternally grateful to John, Lily and Beth McRobert, our publishers, Mr Bob Bottom OAM and his wife Judy and the huge number of supportive family members, friends and invited guests who helped send our grandfather's story out into the world. Also to the Regatta Hotel staff including Patrick McDonald who not only provided a lovely meal afterwards but gave us the opportunity to share details of Brisbane's 'Arcade Murder' with members of the media and other dinner guests. The  media staff present were granted exclusive access to Bob, one of Australia's most respected investigative reporters and author of many books on organised crime. 
A highlight of the evening was the attendance of Ian Brown (Deb's 87 year old Dad) and Val Herbertson (Jan's 85 year old Mum). This courageous  brother and sister witnessed the official release of their family's tragic 67 year old story in an atmosphere of love, support and empathy...and in the Winterford Room named in honour of their great grandparents. Reg Brown's five other granddaughters were in attendance - there were many emotions. It was truly a remarkable and memorable event - on many levels.
But when Bob Bottom delivered his speech we were left in sheer disbelief. Bob commenced
In launching Lingering Doubts, I am happy to announce that it has already attracted national attention for its exposure of a possible miscarriage of justice.
Bob went on to advise everyone present that Lingering Doubts is now listed on Dr Bob Moles' website titled Networked Knowledge (go to What's New or Queensland Homepage) which highlights miscarriages of justice and has provided more than four million documents to over 400,000 readers. Unbelievably our book will form part of a campaign seeking establishment of a National Criminal Cases Review Commission
 Click here to read Bob Bottom's speech
The inclusion of Lingering Doubts has come about, not only with Dr Moles' considered approval  but on the recommendation of Bob Bottom OAM and Evan Whitton, award-winning journalist and author of Our Corrupt Legal System. Click here to see Evan Whitton's homepage

Some long time and generous supporters of Lingering Doubts were unable to attend the launch for various reasons - a couple were unwell, sadly others have passed away. We want you to know you were sorely missed and are not forgotten.
Deb and Jan

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